Scola Acrylic Paint 150ml standard colours

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Scola Acrylic paint. 

6x 150ml bottles standard colours - Red, blue, black, green, white and yellow in each pack.

Available individually also.

Made using only pure acrylic resin.

Many cheaper “school grade” acrylics contain no acrylic or a cheap co-polymer.

Awesome viscosity – Fantastically thick creamy consistency which allows easy use of a palette knife for impasto work.

It retains brush strokes and facilitates colour mixing and blending. It can be thinned down for water colour techniques, staining and dry brush work.

Good open time and a semi-gloss finish.

Acrylic can be used on any surface that doesn’t contain wax or oil.

Ideal for mixed media and collage projects.

Acrylic acts as an adhesive and also makes a good surface for drawing on with graphite and oil pastels