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Scola Artmix Metallic Paints

6 Amazing colours

300ml bottles

Artmix is a ready mixed paint perfect for a range of art activities.
The most popular paint found in all schools in the UK and overseas.
Ideal for educational needs or funtime in the home. A must have for your art and craft box!
• Suitable for age 36 months+
• Ready mixed paint, just grab a brush and use.
• Water based.
• Rich vibrant colours.
• Thick and highly pigmented paint.
• All colours fully intermixable.
• Good coverage and high degree of washability.
• Dries to opaque finish.
• Smooth free flowing consistency.
• Wheat & Gluten free.

Artmix can be diluted with water to use as a colour wash.
Add high quality adhesives to thicken the texture and acheive a glossy finish.
Clothing and work surfaces should be protected, paints can stain.
May wash out of fabric with cool water. Pre-soak dried stains overnight in cool water with small amount of detergent. Work gently by hand until the stain is removed. Stains may not come out if machine washed without pre-soaking.